The Feminist at the Keyhole. (Something about the project).

About the shooting.

Last September I traveled to my dreamed Tunis, the city in front of my island Sardinia, when you look south. Tunis, the ancient Cartage, the city founded on legends by a woman, Elyssa or Dido, and where the Goddess Tanit was the first divinity. Tanit, who was also venerated in our land, and not only represents “the Mother”, as many studies say but also simply “the Woman” with her strength,  intelligence, and creativity.

And there cannot be a better time for going there than during a feminist Festival, the “Chouftouhonna, Festival International d’Art Feministe de Tunis”, to meet women and girls from many lands and cultures to share artistic works, knowledge and opinions about feminism, transfeminism, and anti-patriarchy.

I was invited to go because the Festival committee had selected one of my illustrations about anti-fascist feminism. I was honored to be selected but I also went there with another wish. I didn’t want to only be there as an artist, but as a “living recorder”; to collect perspectives about the need of feminism in our world, in our society, public spaces and families.

What a perfect place to start a new video-art doc, following the idea of my last “Oltre l’aporìa” short doc.

(English, French and Italian subtitles available.)

At the same time I couldn’t bring all my equipment in a wander travel, (finally I have been host in 5 different places in two week :D), so I decided to bring just my camera, an old lens and a base audio recorder.  My chance was I’ll be able to meet other creative spirits who would collaborate with me. And I found them. <3

First of all I met Amanda Priebe, a Printer Artist from Canada based in Berlin, who gave me the strength to start the project and made the first recordings of the first interviews. Secondly, I met Eleonora Gatto, a photographer based in Beirut ( who joined as the official Camera Operator and my Direction Assistant. I must mention Jenny Way from Germany, who also gave us a lot of logistical and sound help, and all the girls working on and in the Chouftouhonna Festival, (especially we remember Dorah Mongalgi, Silvia Quattrini, Khouloud Adouli, Sahar Yahiaoui, Alessia Ubaldini), both for the logistic support and hosting, both to let possible for us meet such interesting women in a great place as Tunis.

The photographer Eleonora Gatto with some of her photos exposed for 4th Chouftouhonna Festival 2018.

So with this great support we managed to compile 37 short interviews, in 3 days.

About the message.

The title of the project, “The feminist at the Keyhole” is inspired by the book “The Woman at the Keyhole” by Judith Mayne; one of the first most significant contributions to the theory of feminist cinema since the 1970s. Very good but old! What happens now, when women, and feminist women take a camera and a microphone and use these technology to put feminism on both sides of the keyhole?

In a self-representation perspective, mixing our personal artistic point of view,  we are trying to give you, through this multimedia project, the possibility to personally receive these experience.

Even men are present, when they are open to confront and engage with Feminist perspectives.

About the post-production and the format.

I have started this project with an Experimental Short Video Art Documentary in mind. Feminist voices and glances, in different languages, will be mixed together with sounds and music with the support of Roberto Cois, a great sound designer and my beloved partner. The result will be the mix of all the personalities of the troupe and of the participant.

It’s an independent production, until now with no budged involved aside from our time. You like to be part of this game? If you’d like to stay in touch with us, please follow and contact us by mail, in our facebook page and in our Instagram account (ubrec_av). We will sure need help in translations, spreading the contents, and maybe to take news interviews? Who knows, it’s a work in progress.

We like this documentary will be available in 2019, both for cinema and independent screening and for video Installation for indoor and outdoor public places.

The documentary and the video art installations will be all licensed under a Creative Common License, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA (

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms.

About Augmented Reality.

Another magical meeting happened. I recently met Monica Mureddu, a great artist, singer and graduate student of the University of Cagliari in Cinema and New Media. She has brought me to the workshop of the Augmented Reality Designer and director Mariano Equizzi, who has taught us how to bring our contents to the AR experience.

The workshop that was held in Sant’Antioco, the little island in the south of Sardinia, where Tanit and her feminist voice deserve to take her place again in the streets of the town.

The project is an urban storytelling that unites ancestral deities, technology and the feminist universe: the symbol of Tanit, a divinity that links Sant’Antioco with Tunis to an ancient and still mysterious cult. It coincidentally also has a symbol that reminds one of a keyhole… What we can see through her filter?

In this video, an example of user experiencing our AR Project in Sant’Antioco, designed by Cladinè Curreli and Monica Mureddu.

To see our auras you have follow this points:

1)Download the app “Hp reveal” on your smartphone.

2) Search and follow “The Feminist at the Keyhole” account.

3) Go to Sant’Antioco and to the point we have give you on the map, put on your earphones, scan with your camera the door we have triggered, and just watch and listen. 🙂

Here is the google map of our Sant’Antioco AR trigging, and the here is the map link.

If you like to have some living Ar in your city write us!

To follow the project search Ubrec, on Facebook, Instagram and have a look here in our website


The Feminist at the Keyhole.

Direction: Cladinè Curreli.
Direction Assistant: Eleonora Gatto.
Direction of Photography: Cladinè Curreli.
Assistant Dop: Eleonora Gatto.
1st Camera Operator: Eleonora Gatto.
2st Camera Operator: Cladinè Curreli.
Boom operators: Amanda Prieber, Jenny Way
Sound Processing and mix: Roberto Cois, Cladinè Curreli.
Editing, coloring and post: Cladinè Curreli.
Translations and subtitles supervisor: Eleonora Gatto.
Naming, writing and communication: Cladinè Curreli, Monica Mureddu.
Augmented Reality Writing and Design: Monica Mureddu, Cladinè Curreli.
AR Videography: Monica Mureddu.
AREditing: Cladinè Curreli.
AR supervisor: Mariano Equizzi.

People being interviewed:

With: (shooting chronological number).1Jenny Way, 2 Jeanne Peltier Lanovsky   (Quarteluna Theatre), 3 Ela Przekaza(Quarteluna Theatre),4 Elyssa Leydet Brunel (Quarteluna Theatre)5 Floriane Fontan (Quarteluna Theatre), 6 Sophie Anou (, 7 Germaine Alarue, 8 Lise Avignon , 9 Reem Sabra, 10 Daiffa Dessine 11 Lylia Afif, 12 Rima Said ( , 13 Marzouk Aycha, 14 Sana Daly, 15 Isabelle Garbani, 16 Marie Gerwing, 17 Kolthoum Frikha (netfanen b’hkouky), 18 Paola Zichi, 19 Oumaima Maatallah (Chronicles from the metro), 20 Bochra Taboubi 21 Khaoula Stiti Khalfaoui, 22 Iaznam Zianam ( 23 Khouloud Add Adouli, 24 Myriam Damergi, 25 Tsui Tsai-Shan, 26 Anna Luna Serlenga and Zine (CORPS CITOYEN), 27 Farah Trabelsi, 28 Khaoula Zamouri (, 29 Amine Kchaou (amine_kchaou), 30 Mona Elshimi, 31 Karam Aouini, 32 Marianna Liosi (,33 Dani Mosimann, 34 Ouertani Anis, 35 Mel Favre (Cie Sapharide), 36 Debouky Hajed, 37 Marietheres Jesse (


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Cladinè, è una filmmaker, una tecnica video e un’artista visiva ogliastrina. Laureata in Media e Giornalismo a Firenze, diplomata in Animazione e Grafica nella scuola di arte e nuove tecnologie Restart di Lisbona e in Regia e Sceneggiatura all’Accademia Nazionale del Cinema di Bologna, crea e lavora come freelance con gli audiovisivi e i multimedia spaziando dai documentari alla video-arte, dai video-clips all’animazione sperimentale passando per grafica, murales, illustrazione e fotografia.

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